Setting up Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit from a Windows Machine | Oracle VirtualBox | Ubuntu 18.04 LTS


I am having problems running code written on the host machine (VM Ubuntu 18.04 LTS) on the Jetson Xavier. I keep getting a “Exec Format Error” whenever I run remotely on the Jetson Xavier. I’ve tried everything! So doing a VM Ubuntu host machine might not be a smart idea!

I have since created a partition on my hard drive and ran Ubuntu 18.04 LTS natively on my computer.  The process is much smoother and everything runs as it should.

I STRONGLY suggest that you do not try to interface with the Jetson Xavier with a Ubuntu virtual machine (VM).  It is already quite challenging to get everything running when you are doing it with the recommended system, so running it on a VM just makes life even more harder.

NVIDIA does not officially support an Ubuntu host machine that is a VM (virtual machine).


1. Install & run Oracle VirtualBox via the following video. Make sure that you have enough virtual memory space for for what you are trying to do. I used 60GB of virtual memory on my system:

2. Once Ubuntu 18.04 is set up as a virtual machine inside VirtualBox, start it up. Follow this video to download and install JetPack for Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit, get the host machine (your computer) and the Jetson Xavier Developer Kit prepared and ready for use.

FORCE RECOVERY MODE: Before I start the Virtual Machine I put the Jetson Xavier in Force Recovery Mode.  I initiate Force Recovery Mode by holding down the force recovery button (middle button) first, then pressing down on the power button second, have the two buttons pressed for 2 seconds or so, then releasing both buttons.

I need to have the Jetson in Force Recovery Mode before I start the VM because I need to setup the USB connection filter in the VM settings.  I cannot do the settings properly if Oracle VirtualBox cannot see the Jetson machine.  So that is why I suggest to have the Force Recovery Mode started when working with a Virtual Machine.

NETWORK ADAPTER: Make sure the Network Adapter for the VM machine is setup before you start it.  It should be set up as a Bridged Adapter.  Watch the overview video above or at  to see my example.

ORACLE VIRTUALBOX VM UBUNTU: 1.  Before starting the Ubuntu virtual machine, make sure that you have USB 3.0 selected as your USB interface in the settings menu.  2. Add the USB connection filter for Nvidia in the settings menu.  You will see the Nvidia machine since you have the Jetson connected to your host machine and turned on in Force Recovery Mode.

SUPPORTING WEBSITE: A list of some of the websites that helped me through the process:

JetPack install from an Ubuntu VM host on a mac:

DISCLAIMER: Use at your own risk.  These instructions are for teaching purposes only! CUDA Education does not guarantee the accuracy, security or viability of these instructions in any way. These instructions should not be used in a production or commercial environment. Any liabilities or loss resulting from the use of these instructions, in whole or in part, will not be the responsibility of CUDA Education.  Also be careful of static electricity when working with the Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit. Necessary precautions should be taken to avoid damage to your machine.