Nsight Graphics Tutorial #1 | Video Walkthrough (68+ min.) | Cuda Education

A very basic video walkthrough (68+ minutes) of how to use Nsight Graphics to help in optimizing and debugging your graphics application. Nsight Graphics is software from NVIDIA and is mainly intended to work with the NVIDIA graphics cards.

Nsight Graphics is software from NVIDIA used to debug and profile APIs such as OpenGL, Vulkan and Direct 3D.

This tutorial is by no means comprehensive, but is focused on getting new users familiar and comfortable with the interface. It is a launching pad to help you investigate and learn more about software optimization in general.

ENVIRONMENT: Windows 10 Operating System CUDA Toolkit 10.2 Project NVIDIA GeForce 1050ti Graphics Card Compute Capability 6.5 Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition Intel Core i5 CPU