JetPack 4.2 now available!

NVIDIA has released a new version of JetPack.  Get more information about it here:

The JetPack is now downloadable through the new NVIDIA SDK Manager:


Some notes on my experiences flashing Jetson Xavier with new NVIDIA SDK Manager:

  1. Takes significantly longer for the process to go through
  2. Make sure when you put the Jetson Xavier in Force Recovery Mode that you have keyboard/mouse peripheral connected to the Jetson Xavier.  You will have to work through menu items on the Jetson Xavier when Ubuntu starts up during the process.
  3. Computer Vision Component took a very long time to complete.  Paused for a very long time.
  4. Multimedia component also took a long time to complete.
  5. Overall a much better experience as more information is communicated in the NVIDIA SDK Manager, so if anything goes wrong you can always look at the Terminal tab to see what’s happening.
  6. If you would like to install and run DeepStream SDK on your Jetson Xavier, check out the e-book below.  You can open the e-book on a desktop computer (or the Jetson Xavier), so there is no need to have a Kindle e-book reader.