Cuda & TensorFlow Programming


Services offered:

  • Teaching – A guided tour for you and your team on specific aspects of Cuda or TensorFlow.  Sessions here generally are done via Phone/VOIP and some form of screen sharing
  • Consulting – General help with finding the right solution to your problems

My rate is the same, no matter if I am teaching, or consulting. It’s the same if it’s just a one-on-one meeting with you on the phone or Skype, or if it’s an auditorium of 100 people, or if it’s you and your friends in a Google Hangout. My rate is $60/hour. If travel is involved, further compensation is required to cover that. But, basically, $60/hr for just about whatever you want from me Cuda and/or TensorFlow-wise.   The rate is set purely due to supply and demand, I understand it’s a high cost, but I get multiple inquiries a day for this.

For more information, you can contact me through